I created this online workout to get you ladies moving! This session is great for postnatal, prenatal and all women. 
It covers the DNA of the Inhale Method that I'm trying to spread worldwide! 
The method is perfectly designed for the woman's body. 
Women generally hold fat around the hip, abdominal & arm area. After experience, I realized that most women suffer from the same "problem" areas with no results even after working out for years. 
That's why the Inhale Method was created. It taps into all the small muscles that women should focus on and strengthen! 
We move areas that generally collect cellulite and we move the body in a way that targets the fat burn zone instead of the cardio zone alone!
Once you purchase this session you will receive: 


4 weeks of personalized Home workout material catered to the female body, guaranteed to see results if you are dedicated.


The 4-week session includes:


- 12 Daily workouts

- 8 Treadmill drills

- 1 Bonus Treadmill drill

* Once you purchase Session 2, make sure you check your email for the Activation Code. Use that code to access each Day of Session 2. 

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