Inhale Method #StayHome Mobilates

Mobilates is a combination of Mobility and Pilates. Mobility focuses on increasing range of motion and joint strength resulting in better body control. Pilates focuses on the core and tiny muscles that are normally dormant in most workouts. When Mobility and Pilates are paired, body strength and mechanics move more fluid, which is essential to your daily functional activity. 
The beauty of Mobilates is that it allows you to connect your mind with your body. The slow and conscious cueing forces you to focus on each muscle, each joint, and your entire nervous system. You become more connected with your body through movement which inevitably results in self assessment. This increases the mind-body connection that transcends into your other workout routines and daily well being in general. 
Now more than ever we need to focus on strengthening our bodies and our minds and developing a connection between them. One of the most crucial tools in combating what the whole world is fighting is physical and mental well being. This is why we have developed workouts for you to to do in the comfort of your own home. 
#StayHome #StaySafe #StayHealthy 

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