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Our unique method blends high intensity cardio workouts, strength training exercises, and mobility that are designed to burn fat and transform your entire body.
We offer over 30 classes that are continuously growing for all fitness levels. Our method is specifically designed to cater to a woman's body.

Our Trainers

Thoroughly skilled and certified expert instructors will motivate and guide you in this journey of lifestyle and body transformation at Inhale. They’ll make sure you experience muscles you have never felt before and work on the specific areas your body needs; all with a big smile on your face. Let our team of instructors take you and your body in this journey we call Inhale.

Click here to see all the methods our Inhale Trainers are certified in!

Is the Inhale Method for you?

The Inhale Method is scalable for every fitness level. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. We target women from the ages of 16 - 70 who are looking to better their lives. 

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