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Why you should try this program

I created this online workout to get you ladies moving!
It covers the DNA of the Inhale Method that I'm trying to spread worldwide! 
The method is perfectly designed for the woman's body.
Women generally hold fat around the hip, abdominal & arm area. After experience, I realized that most women suffer from the same "problem" areas with no results even after working out for years. 
That's why the Inhale Method was created. It taps into all the small muscles that women should focus on and strengthen! 
We move areas that generally collect cellulite and we move the body in a way that targets the fat burn zone instead of the cardio zone alone!

This is just the beginning

This is just a start of what I'm about to embark you all on. 

I am eager to see how your body will change once you step into my program!

Minimal props are needed for this specific program. 

We are all humans with busy schedules and unplanned situations during the day, that's why we created a 20minute workout just for you that you can do anywhere! 

We promise you will see results

We promise you amazing changes in your body, and your overall fitness well-being if you dedicate those 20 minutes to yourself everyday without skipping any days. 

Before you start this program, one of the most important things to do is to take your measurements so you can follow your progress. 

Please continue to our How to Prepare Yourself page for details on how to take your measurements.

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