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Lets get you measured up

 Before getting started with your workouts, we ask you to take a few minutes to take your body's measurements using a regular measuring tape on day zero so we can compare the numbers 30 days after. 
Take a photo of how your body & skin look like today and let's compare a month after. Please make sure to send in your measurements to our email  - Your progress is important to us!
To find out how and what to take measurements of please continue reading.

How to measure yourself

To truly appreciate the dedication you will put into your daily workout we highly recommend that you take these measurements and share them with us. Once those 30 days are over you'll be so happy you did as you enjoy watching those numbers go down! Here's how to take those measurements: 

Chest - Measure directly under your breasts or pecs, as high up as you can 

Waist - Measure at the most narrow point, typically around the naval 

Hips: Measure around the widest part of the hip/hipbones


Arms  - Measure above your elbows at the largest part of the arm


Thighs - Measure around the largest part of the leg while standing up 


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