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A few words from our Inhalers!

“I'm beyond glad to have started working out with Joud over 4 years and continued as a prenatal and post natal. She understands my body and how every exercise move affects it. As a prenatal, pushing myself was a challenge and I was exhausted but her support, encouragement and motivation made me feel stronger than I knew possible

— Ameera Shawa

“After 7 years working out at Inhale it's no longer just a workout for me! Joud got me hooked! Her energy keeps me going and wanting more! To many more years with you Joud!”

— Hala Sweis

“...My biggest challenge was getting back to my fitness level after I gave birth to my son, it was a challenge but Inhale felt like a safe space. Sama always made me feel like nothing was impossible...restoring my faith in my body and its ability to regain its strength...Inhale became a place where I could Breathe!”

— Noor Khub

“I had a life changing experience with Inhale! The energy the place and the trainers have is surreal. The motivation and confidence you get out of it is truly amazing. The body transformation is fantastic. I never thought I could be this toned. I finally said bye to cellulite and hello to muscles!”

— Lubna Afaneh

“7 years ago I would have never imagined that I would be a dedicated gym goer. One class with Joud and I was hooked. In the 7 years we haven't had the same class twice. Joud not only trains, she educates, she lets you understand what she is doing and how she is transforming your body. She teaches you how to appreciate your body and respect it. During my first pregnancy I was able to attend all my classes until the day I delivered! And post delivery my body was able to bounce back quickly all thanks to the Inhale method. And now with 2 kids at home and a full time job, Inhale is my safe haven, my sanctuary, where I go to escape, to focus on myself, to become stronger, to find my energy, to let go, to breathe, to Inhale. ”

— Saidah Aboudi

“It is rare that a trainer is this generous with their knowledge. Her classes are incredibly well thought of, full of passion & commitment. Even after many years she still manages to bring something new, a new prop, new routine, new muscle we have never heard of! If you are looking fora serious transformation, Inhale is where it happens. Joud, I am lucky to have you train me! You are an inspiration”

— Marina Taminian

“I've been training with Inhale for 3 years, and I can confidently say no other workout or class compares to this method. You learn to push yourself in ways you didn't think were possible while never getting bored as the workouts are different and innovative each time. ”

— Tatiana Seebai

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